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About the UUU

The Union of UK Unicyclists (UUU) is the organising federation for unicyclists in the UK. It was formed by a group of unicyclists in April 2001. We work with UK unicyclists and clubs in order to:

  • Promote unicycling and unicycle events throughout the UK
  • Share information about unicycling and unicycle events with UK riders
  • Encourage participation in all aspects of unicycling in the UK and abroad by UK riders
  • Further the recognition of unicycling as a sport in the UK


You can contact us at You can also contact individual members of the committee using the addresses below.

Specific roles

Role Name Contact
Chair Mark Chonofsky
Secretary Edd Hawkes
Treasurer Joe Baxter
IUF Representative Alan Hogan

Other committee members

Behind the UUU is a team of people devoted to building the sport of unicycling, whether that’s street disciplines, road racing, or mountain unicycling. For more information, get in touch.


Membership is currently under review. More details will be available here in April 2019.